Customised Lenses

Customised lenses for your glasses

Getting a great pair of glasses is more than just having lenses of the right strength.  Whether you're going with distance specs, readers, progressive lenses or bifocal lenses, there are a range of lens options which can affect the look, weight, and thickness of your new specs.  

At Sharpe and Fowler we’ll help you make the best choice for your needs.  If you are looking for lenses for your glasses, we will provide advice on the options available to you.

Lens materials for your glasses

Glasses with high refractive-index lenses don't need to be as curved in order to achieve the required strength.  For you this means high-index lenses can result in a lighter, thinner, flatter set of specs, especially for higher spectacle prescriptions.

Anti-reflection coating

Anti-reflective coatings reduce the amount of light reflected off the surface of the lens.  This not only improves the cosmetic appearance of the lenses, but also cuts down the unwanted dazzle and contrast loss that surface reflections cause.   



Glasses for computer work

Viewing computer screens, especially for long periods each day, can be quite difficult with traditional types of spectacle lenses. 

Depending on the type of work you do, there's more than one way we can set up glasses for computer use.  So it’s important to make sure you talk your needs over with us.  

Progressive lens designs

Progressive-addition lenses provide long-distance, middle-distance and reading vision all in one lens. There are a number of different designs of progressive lens available.  We can advise you on the best lens for your specific needs.  

Tinted lenses

We offer a range of lense tinting options.  Below are two specific tint options, for lenses that change their tint depending on the light level.  

Transitions Lens

Transitions lenses are clear lenses that go dark outdoors.   


Drivewear lens

The Drivewear lens combines the glare reduction of a polarised lens with the changing tint you've been used to in a Transitions lens.

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