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Is that a cataract I can see growing over my eye?

Probably not.  Cataract refers to cloudiness or opacity in the lens of the eye.  The lens of the eye sits in behind the pupil, well inside the eye.   Most of the time cataracts are not visible looking at the eye.  In very advanced cases you might notice the pupil is greyish rather than black, but that's all you'd see. 

If you're looking at your eye and seeing something growing over it, chances are you're looking at a pterygium – a connective tissue growth.  These are typically seen in people who spend lots of time outdoors.  They appear white and easily become inflamed in dry or dusty conditions. 

If you're watching anything growing across your eye, it's best to get it checked out.  If pterygiums encroach too far across the eye, they can be removed surgically.