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I've had my eyes lasered

Laser light has found many uses in eye surgery.  It can deliver precise amounts of energy to pinpoint locations around the eye to remove, reshape or remodel tissue.

In different intensities, colours and locations in the eye, laser can be used for treatment in: 

  • Refractive surgery to correct for short- or long-sightedness and/or astigmatism
  • As a followup treatment after cataract surgery
  • In diabetic eye disease
  • In macular disease
  • Repairing tears in the retina or eyes at risk of retinal detachment
  • In acute angle closure glaucoma
  • In open angle glaucoma
  • At low intensity as an 'activator' for certain medical treatments. 

So don't be surprised when you get asked a few more questions about your eyes if you tell us 'I've had my eyes lasered'.