Myopia Control

Myopia, or short-sightedness, is becoming much more prevalent in the Australian population.

This is particularly disturbing in children and teenagers. There are many factors that are contributing to this trend:

  • Excessive close work and digital device use
  • Inadequate amount of time spent outdoors
  • Genetic factors – especially if one or both parents are myopic themselves

Myopia doesn’t just mean your child will have to wear glasses or contact lenses the rest of their life, it increases the risk of serious eye diseases which can lead to permanent vision loss.

Our optometrists can accurately assess your child’s vision and eye health.  If myopia is detected early the long-term visual outcome for your child is much better.  An array of interventions can be employed to slow the progression of myopia:

At Sharpe & Fowler we stay abreast of the latest research and offer the most up-to-date and safest treatment options. If you’re concerned about your child’s vision or wish to discuss treatment options further contact us to arrange an appointment.

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