Optometrist PBS prescribing

Starting at the beginning of this year, therapeutically endorsed optometrists have been able to issue PBS prescriptions for a range of eye medications, reducing for some the cost of eye-drops.

Optometrists, like those at Sharpe and Fowler, that have therapeutic endorsement have for a few years been able to write prescriptions for a range of eye medications.  Up until now though, they were not part of the PBS scheme, and so in some cases, the same prescription would cost more if issued by an optometrist than if issued by a GP.  Thankfully, common-sense has prevailed, and starting this year, optometrists can now be registered to issue PBS prescriptions.  This means that for some people, especially those on pensions, will qualify for PBS subsidies on their optometrist prescribed eye medications.


Not all the medications we are allowed to prescribe have yet been added to our PBS list, but we're hopeful in time this will happen, so that you don't have to pay any more than necessary for your eye-care. 


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