Inface Eyewear

Each frame in the Inface collection has been designed from scratch – it means we don´t do things the easy way. Therefore you can be sure that every frame in the collection is unique. On top of that each frame has gone through many processes before the actual production starts. We spend a lot of time finding the perfect fitting and purifying the colors and the shapes. No shortcuts are allowed !


 Inface was founded in 1987 by optician Hans Laursen, but the Inface history goes further back : 

In 1957 Hans Laursen´s father Kristian Laursen opened his first optical/watch shop and paved the way for the family to get involved in the optical industry. Kristian Laursen a trained optician and watchmaker had a natural feeling for the little details. Today this is one of the key elements in the Inface collection; the feeling for the smallest details to ensure a beautifully fitting frame. 

In the 1970´s Hans opened his first optical store in Denmark. The idea was to have the most fashionable frames in the best possible quality in the shop. The shop was very successfull and more shops opened. In the 1980´s Hans started looking for price friendly alternatives to the great but expensive frames in the stores.

Finding “cheap” frames was not a problem – but finding true design in a convenient price level was. So at the end of the 1980´s Hans started to design his own line of frames called Inface as a true alternative to the more expensive frames. Using his skills as a talented designer and a trained optician the Inface line was an immediate success!

With the Inface line the customers could now purchase an affordable frame without compromising with the quality and the fitting. And so; Inface was born! 

In 1995 all 13 optical stores were sold and from that day on all effort and focus was put into the further development of the Inface brand. In 2005 Mette and Thomas Laursen, both trained opticians, became co-owners and partners of Inface Company. Inface Company is 100% owned by the Laursen family.
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Hand selected from the best brands around the world: classic to alternative, plastic to metal and exclusive, limited edition frames.

At Sharpe & Fowler Eyecare we provide Northern Tasmania with the very best in fashion eyewear and performance optics, delivered through outstanding customer service.