oio Children's Eyewear

Kids know their own mind. They know what they like. And it's as simple as that. Give them something they don't like and they won't be impressed.

The oio eyewear range has captured the imagination of kids from the very start. These are the glasses with the cool design. And thanks to the wonders of TITANflex, these glasses are incredible flexible and can cope with virtually any challenge that those little rascals have in store!  What's more, they won't pinch those little noses as they have been specially designed to suit the physiognomy of kids. This means optimum fit and optimum comfort.

Hand selected from the best brands around the world: classic to alternative, plastic to metal and exclusive, limited edition frames.

At Sharpe & Fowler Eyecare we provide Northern Tasmania with the very best in fashion eyewear and performance optics, delivered through outstanding customer service.