Sabine Be Designer Glasses

sabine designer glassesPassionate about art, fashion and design, at 50 years of age Sabine Bégault-Vagner, optician in Orléans, felt the will to engage in the big adventure of the collection Sabine Be, made of 48 models. It has been two years since she begun working alone on this project alongside working in her shop. "It's a wonderful adventure" she says.

Sabine was born in Orléans and spent her childhood in an optical environment: her father managed an optical glasses laboratory and her mother had her very own optical shop in the town centre. She has a strong passion for fashion and design and her goal was to become a designer: she did become a designer but in the optical industry. Fuelled with energy and passion, her desire was to take the industry to the next level.

As a young dynamic woman who is very open minded and forward thinking, she always opens her eyes to the world around her.

She travels worldwide to many international exhibitions such as New York and Milan to discover new ideas.

She searches for the best quality materials and cutting edge technology to enhance her work.

"Quality" is Sabine's favourite word and thanks to her optical knowledge and her designer skills, she has created her very own brand name Sabine Be. Her collection, handmade in France, is unique and distinctive with elegant frames that truly represent her own personality. The quality in the detail is of the utmost importance.sabine be addict

Sabine Be's collection is manufactured in a very well known French factory. The frames are made with a specialist product called cellulose acetate. A couture item that demands endless preparation. Sabine is the ultimate perfectionist. She thinks about every minor details and has created her own unique marque in the optical industry.

The glasses are already available in many retail shops and one day Sabine hopes to commission the brand, which will be aptly named Sabine Be store.

Hand selected from the best brands around the world: classic to alternative, plastic to metal and exclusive, limited edition frames.

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