Optometry Service & Support

Sharpe & Fowler is based in Launceston offering a full range of optometry services.

Eye Exams

Our commitment to invest in up-to-the-minute optometry diagnostic tools delivers very thorough eye exams. In addition to general eye health checkups we offer a range of specialised vision tests that assess the vision of people suffering from common eye issues such as:

If our optometrists feel a report or referral for your doctor or specialist is required, this can be facilitated by e-mailing information or images from our testing procedures.

Spectacle and contact lens design

The depth of knowledge and experience of our optometrists allows us to offer spectacle and contact lens wearers the optimum lens design for comfort, lightness and cosmetic appeal. We adjust and realign your spectacles, as required, at no cost to you. Also, we have a 12 month warranty on spectacle frames.

If you can’t get to Launceston, one of our optometrists regularly visits the Deloraine area.

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